• Press Release: Europe risks repeating multi-decade GM crop debate as farm technology advances

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  • Presss Release: EU red tape threatens British farming- 29/10/15

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Welcome to the Agricultural Biotechnology Council Knowledge Hub

There will be 9 billion people on the planet by 2050 and critical resources, such as land, water and energy, will become scarcer. The demands of a growing global population need to be satisfied by producing more food sustainably. We need crops which make the most of limited land and resources. We can achieve this through agricultural research and development - a process of innovation which has been going on for thousands of years and which is continued by scientists around the world today, including in the UK.

Use the tabs above to find out more about biotechnology in the food and animal feed chains, what role it plays in supporting farmers and where it is being used around the world.


Opportunities for agricultural biotechnology in the UK

Watch abc's new animation on the potential of agri-tech in the UK


Cultivating the Future

Cultivating the Future published to mark the 20th anniversary of the commercial cultivation of GM crops


Where are GM crops grown?

A record 170.3 million hectares of biotech crops were grown globally in 2012, click here to see a video following a remarkable 16 consecutive years of growth.


Pioneering UK research

The UK has traditionally been at the forefront of agricultural technology research, read more about the contribution of the research sector to the UK economy here.


Europe’s foodprint

Is Europe doing all it can to decrease its foodprint and improve global food security? Click here to find out more.